Outsell helps manufacturing companies sell high value products and offer better customer conversations.

We do this by ensuring sales and service reps are effectively trained in a mobile first manner, to deliver product information, application notes, competitive advantages, financial RoI to customers while simultaneously allowing the management get insights on sales readiness of the company through powerful analytics.

Simply put Outsell helps sales and service reps learn product knowledge on the go, so that they are ready for any selling situation. For the leadership team this means a trained, productive and effective salesforce which allows for higher revenue and market share.

Industries we serve

Healthcare - Medical Device , equipments and Life Sciences

From IoT enabled medical devices to traditional hospital and diagnostic equipments and consumables, healthcare is an industry that has the most innovative and complex products. Therefore a sales force that has steller product knowledge and can engagae a customer in a meaningful conversation wins trust, respect and business. And that’s exactly what Outsell helps achieve.

Manufacturing - Industrial and Consumer Goods

With more than 200000 companies in the manufacturing sector in India competition is intense. And in many cases, there are only minor product differentiation. That means it’s critical for the sales force to have deep product knowledge to be able to differentiate, sell high value products, handle objections, explain roi and offer an outstanding buying experience. Outsell can help.

Our product

Outsell for LearningOutsell for Learning

Train Sales reps on product features, trade schemes, case studies, application notes, competition, beyond classrooms, on their mobile devices. Conduct refresher trainings periodically. Onboard new hires and make them productive in 50% lesser time. Analyse training performance with powerful analytics.

Outsell for Content ManagementOutsell for Content Management

Make it easy for sales to discover, present, and share the right sales assets for each buyer. Handle objections by showing the prospect actual technical data, share price list and proposals on the go, enhance sales reps productivity and offer a great customer experience.

Our Services

Content CreationContent Creation

From creating product training decks, animated product explainer videos, to full e-learning modules, we have helped 100+ mid to large companies up their product training game. And yes, we have sales soft skills modules that come free with our software that your reps will love.

Quizzes and AssessmentsQuizzes and Assessments

Short quizzes that help reinforce product knowledge, assessments on learning content that tells you the sales readiness of the sales force, reports that identify winners and laggards all within the platform. Certifications that help sales reps in their jobs. And yes they are gamified, fun and engaging.

Our Customers

Outsell’s Award Winning Training Engine helped 117 sales reps undergo product training in Rapid Range of Products and Malaria Card Range of Products with 100%adoption
Jatin Mahajan
Managing Director
A Healthcare lab complained to me about our Adv Malaria card getting false positive Result. The technician told me he uses 5ul EDTA blood & Two drops buffer. I told the technician you have to give 4ul of blood & 2 drops of buffer because of my learning on Outsell
Robin Ghosh
Regional Sales Manager
Outsell is a very good idea. Many of the companies fail to train their sales reps after the initial training. For any new product launhces or any kind of upgrading that we do, it becomes very difficult to reach to all the employees. But this platform has certainly helped in bridging this gap.
Abey Rodrigues
National Sales Director

Case Studies

See how Outsell is helping 5000+ sales reps in field every day.