Continuously train salespeople

Sales Heads are often concerned with the fact that sales reps sell only the basic or flagship products and find it challenging to sell new products or high value products. In todays environment just a few ad hoc training sessions in classroom is not enough. What salesforce needs is continuous training , byte size modules thats easily consumable. Outsell helps them in their training needs real time and effectively.

Stand out from competitors

Just creating a brochure with feature set doesnt help the salesperson to sell efficiently anymore. They need to articulate how their product is different from the competition, use cases at customer locations, and financial RoI for the customers. All these in essence builds a strong case for the sales rep against competition.

Earn Trust and Respect

In Healthcare and Manufacturing often the buyer is an expert in her own field (Doctor, Lab Head, Architect, Project Head etc), while the sales rep may not have relevant education or expertise in the same field. So its critical that the sales rep knows the product, category and industry inside out for her to be able to command trust and respect for the buyer. This requires intensive training of frontline sales reps over time to build an educated workforce. Outsell helps.

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