Inspiration in a bakery

The idea of Outsell came to Raj in 2014. While at a bakery in Bengaluru Indiranagar’s BDA complex, he happened to be around a few sales executives working at the dealership of a leading carmaker in India. Coincidentally, Raj wanted to change his car and ended up chatting with the representatives.

While they were able to give information on the car, the only response Raj got when questioned about the suspension was ‘it’s good’. He realised that the sales representative wasn’t able to explain the basic technicalities of the car.

“All he was interested in was making sure of getting my contact details and punching them in his CRM. This got me thinking that although sales has fundamentally changed in the last 20 years, and buyers today have all the information they need (because of the internet), sales training is still like it was in 1995 – classroom-driven, with no reinforcement later. Still like training man hours to be completed as a checklist,” Raj says.

Technology matters

Raj felt technology could play a better role. He says the product manager of a bestselling car has a lot of data on safety, performance, suspension of the car etc, but the sales rep isn’t equipped to talk about it. Conversations and selling would be easier, he felt, if all this information was easily accessible.

Outsell has two functionalities, which the team calls CTC - Content and Coaching powered by Technology. It has an in-built content management (discovery, access, and share) functionality for the sales force to use in meetings with customers. It also has a learning engine, which can run quick quizzes, offer certifications, reinforce soft skills etc in a structurally gamified manner (the team has a library of game narratives that admin can choose to create any learning journey) apart from standard mechanics like challenges, leaderboard, social contest, badges etc.

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