The year- 2016; The place – Jalandhar, Punjab
Gurinder Singh is a jovial, 29-year old Sales Executive in a Sanitaryware company. Once a hockey player at the University level, he is passionate about sports and dreams of making his 4–year old daughter Gagandeep an Olympian one day.

The Problem


  • For one, his dear Punjab is hit by drought. The once lush-green fields of wheat and mustard are now dull brown patches of parched land. Farmers, livestock, drinking-water supply in cities – all of them were equally affected. Drought is not something one would associate with the land of panj aab or ‘five rivers’, and he was quite distraught.
  • The Sanitaryware Company he works at carries a series of green products (commodes) that consume 30% less water than the competition. His GM Mr. Sandeep Arora felts this was the right time to push these products, and aptly so. But dealers and distributors have little knowledge of these products and further, they are 25% costlier than the regular ones. It would take a lot of convincing on his part to get dealers and distributors to educate the customers about the differentiation aspects of these products versus regular ones and convince them to buy.

The Approach

Gurinder understands that Salesmen at these dealerships must be familiarized with technical specifications and benefits of these products if they must pitch them effectively to consumers. Merely sharing product literature wouldn’t help.

That is when Gurinder decided to try out Outsell’s sales enablement technology platform. Outsell’s comprehensive set of tools makes it easy for Sales teams to create sales coaching and sales onboarding content in English and local languages. This is just what Gurinder needed.

He and his colleagues put together a series of interesting presentations on their products and how consumers can use it to their advantage. Gurinder and his team went from dealer to dealer making these presentations and showcasing their products. They also involved Architects who recommend sanitary fittings to clients. All in all, 17 dealers and 45 Architects received value-added information about their Green sanitaryware.

  • The value proposition of conserving water was clearly shown to the audience by using emotive incidents on the need to conserve water.
  • The 25% increase in one-time cost was offset by recurring savings from the water bill, which is huge over the life-time of the product. This clearly established the ROI on the product and excited the salesmen. They saw this as a great way to increase their income.

The Outcome

Outsell enabled Gurinder’s team-mates as well as dealers and distributors to share feedback on the products directly from consumers, which was then shared with the category head and product teams at the HO.

  • Gurinder was also able to train 40+ plumbers on how to install these commodes using the Outsell platform
  • As a result of this campaign, Gurinder could increase sales for his company by 37% which gave a big boost to his career. His company presented him a 56 inch Flat screen LED TV, and sponsored a trip for him and his family to Singapore and Malaysia.

Gurinder’s is not an isolated case, and we can share several stories on how Outsell has been used to share product knowledge; create fruitful conversations; and present useful data in interesting ways.

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