The year- 2016
A leading sanitary-ware company with over 70 product lines and 2000 SKUs

The Problem


  • They do not have the time or inclination to read product literature and create differentiators around every brand.
  • Fast-moving products of certain brands are pushed, while sales of the rest suffer. As a result of this, our client’s business and market-share had begun to stagnate.

The Approach

Our client decided to try Outsell for educating their dealer-distributor network. 10 Sales Managers of the company in a particular region got together and created training content using Outsell, and a training Calendar.

They visited 22 of their biggest dealers and distributors in that region, and conducted classroom training using the web-version of Outsell. This was followed by on-the-spot assessments to measure effectiveness of the program. Dealers and distributors who had queries were attended to and follow-up sessions scheduled.

The response from the dealers and distributors was very positive. This created a buzz within the market, and there were requests for similar knowledge sessions for in-store Sales Managers in other parts of the country. There were requests for such sessions from plumbers, Architects and building contractors which all helped to improve engagement with the brand at all touch points.

The Outcome

Outsell enabled Gurinder’s team-mates as well as dealers and distributors to share feedback on the products directly from consumers, which was then shared with the category head and product teams at the HO.

  • Compared to the past, our client’s products were now being pushed or recommended more, to buyers who visit the dealer showrooms.
  • In-store Sales Executives at dealer showrooms had a better knowledge of these products’ differentiators, which helped position these products better.
  • Regular feedback from end-users and hence the dealers, about the products, helped our client acquire market intelligence required to innovate their product line.

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