The year- 2017; The Place – Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Robin Ghose is a 35-year-old Sales Manager at a Medical Device Company. Robin Ghose’s father used to work at Kolkata Municipal Corporation and his mother is a housewife. He completed his M.Sc in Applied Microbiology from Jiwaji University.

He joined the company after his graduation as a Sales Executive and has been working there till date. The medical device company he works for is a manufacturer of diagnostic products such as Advantage Malaria Cards and Rapids for HIV/HBV/HCV detection.

The Problem

  • Robin Ghose and his peers were facing a lot of problem in training the technicians who were using their products for diagnosis and interpretation.
  • As a result, they had to spend a lot of time resolving their issues and sometimes they even had to travel to the hospital to explain it better
  • This resulted in longer working hours and sometime even cancelling their meetings to resolve the technicians’ issues

The Approach

To overcome these challenges, robin's company turned to outsell

Robin Ghose realized that the initial training they give to the technicians would not solve their problem. The technicians had to be provided with all the materials and periodic reinforcement had to be done as they tend to forget as per the forgetting curve.

Although his company had all the information, it was now on him to create the content and enable technicians to access this content and test their knowledge continuously. This is when he and his team turned to Outsell. Broadly, Outsell helped Robin Ghose and team to provide training to their technicians on a regular basis.

  • Better Content: Robin Ghose had now access to bite size, easy to learn content created by Outsell which he can push anytime to his technician.
  • Repetitive Training: Robin Ghose and his team were able to assess the technicians with the help of Outsell through periodic assessments.
  • Better Communication: With well defined product modules, technician could articulate the key features efficiently and communicate with the team better.

The Outcome

Thanks to his efforts:

  • The company was able to resolve issues quicker which led to a high NPS (Net Promoter Score). Sales team could focus on just Sales calls than resolving technical issues.
  • The hospitals and technicians were satisfied as they were able to interpret the results better and more quickly. Similarly, all the employees were trained and reinforced regularly and they were able to present their products in a better way to the prospects.
  • Outsell also helped to reduce training costs by 50% and decrease the ramp up time of new hires by 70%

Manufacturers like Robin Ghose’s company where sales and service staff are the same, routinely face the challenge of training the technicians in the hospital. Outsell is the ideal solution for such people, as it simplifies sharing of product knowledge; creating fruitful conversations; and presenting data in interesting ways.

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