Drive and Scale success with your own continuous sales training platform/technology

Outsell delivers product training, new hire onborading, and soft skill coaching for a always ready sales team that meets and exceeds sales targets. With Outsell the sales training manager can launch trainings in hours, save time and money on travel and in person training,provide sales certification, assess sales competencies and offer analytics on training success. The sales reps get an on demand access to training content that are game like, fun, easy to absorb and self paced which help them develop their skills and have meaningful customer conversation.

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Enhance productivity with smart sales content management

No longer do sales reps need to waste selling time in finding sales content, making sure it is the latest version, and not be able to properly respond to customer’s objections on product related questions. Outsell creates one centralized location that helps sellers discover, present to customers, and share sales content in visually engaging experiences. They can now handle customer objections by showing them technical content real time. No need to ask the product manager or the boss. Outsell also provides analytics to show marketers which content is actually used by sales so they can now create content that impacts revenue.

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Powerful analytics that tells you about sales readiness of your sales force.

Analytics that gives you insights to make data driven decisions. Determine how training is impacting revenue by diving into platform adoption and activity data to identify the content pieces that sales reps use most, product training sessions completed, refreshers taken, performance level against benchmarks set, training hours completed each week or month, certifications taken, and general sales readiness of the entire company. Our customer success manager sends you reports that helps you understand the real RoI of your training and content investment, identify what is working and what is not and take data driven corrective measures.

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