Creating Content that Sticks

Most sales teams in manufacturing organisations need a variety of sales content everyday to have effective conversations. Typical content requirements could be product information, case studies, application notes, customer testimonials etc. However, a lot of these are made by subject matter experts which misses the learnability factor. Outsell looks at content creation with a micro-learning, byte size, visually appealing lens so it sticks with sales teams that uses them.

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Implementation and RoI

Outsell’s implementation services is designed to bring our customers the maximum value of their investment in the shortest possible time. Post sales, our customer success coaches take over the implementation process, works with the customer to understand key business outcome and milestones, and then makes sure that Outsell is set up and running quickly, driving adoption among users, and achieving the customer’s business goals.

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Quizzes and Assessments

Outsell’s parent company is QuizWorks, a company with decade plus experience in creating quizzes and assessments with a 1000+ quiz deployments for leading companies like 3M, Biorad, Ultratech, IBM, Mahindra etc. Product knowledge can be gained and reinforced through quick, short quizzes which bring in a sense of achievement and also acts as a good learning technique. Our approach to quizzes and assessments is to make them fun through gamification interventions, reward and recognitions and social competitions. Our quizzes are not just multiple choice but has 10+ different types of questions including hangman, true/false, match the following, type in a box etc which gives the product manager as well as the learner a fatigue free, interesting learning experience.

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Our Customers

Case Studies

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